Bang Lee Hyan

Fried Chicken is considered to be a known weakness amongst the food blogger community and I'm sure with the general public as well - after all, who could possibly not fall in love with the sight of this? Bang Lee Hyan is a Korean Chinese restaurant in Belmore,  serving one of the best Korean Fried Chickens in town for a price that is beyond reasonable. Honestly I think it's still quite a well-kept secret at this stage - you know that's the case when the only people frequenting the restaurant are the smart Korean locals in the area. Well...secrets out! :)

Bang Lee Hyan is a 5 minute walk from Belmore Station but feel free to drive, there are plenty of street parking spaces available close by.

Before we get on to the amazing fried chicken, I want to introduce the equally amazing Noodles with Fried Black Bean Sauce with Pork & Onion ($9), also known as JaJangMyeong. For those who have tried this before, you would know that this bowl of noodles is the epitome of the world's best comfort food on a cold winter's night.

The sauce is heavenly flavoursome and once mixed well with the noodles, each slurp will send you into food heaven. My favourite bits are the melted onion slices, god they taste so delicious!

Next up was the hero of the night. We ordered the Fried Chicken - Half Spring Onion Crispy and Half Soy Sauce ($28) - always go with the half half option if it's a small party as it allows you to have the best of both worlds. Didn't you know foodies are greedy by nature? :P

The Spring Onion Crispy Chicken was encased with the perfect proportion of batter to meat. One bite woud produce a loud crunch followed by steaming hot juicy chicken meat. Seriously amazing!

Usually the Soy Sauce Chicken is my favourite but at Bang Lee Hyan, it was difficult to differentiate which chicken was the bigger winner of the night. Both were incredibly delicious and there were simply no flaws to pick out. My suggestion is...alternate between the two to create the ultimate excitement for your taste buds. 

Overall it's safe to say that Bang Lee Hyang has become M & I's new favourite hot spot to curb our KFC and JJM cravings. The serving size is beyond geneorus and the food is seriously delicious. If you are a Fried Chicken addict, get yourself into Bang Lee Hyang now! Trust me, there will be no regrets :)

Bang Lee Hyang
328 Burwood Road
Belmore NSW 2192
(02) 9740 6601

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