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It's always exciting when new brunch places open up near where you live, aka places that provide parking minus the headaches and stress, aka places that are not Surry Hills. Lid & Jar is a cute new cafe that's recently opened up at Rhodes, serving beautiful sourdough bread, coffee and cold pressed juices in the widely-adored mason jars. After all, us brunch addicts all know deep down, the drink almost always tastes better when served in a vintage glass jar. Psychological effects and brunch expectations - what can you do about it?

The menu at Lid & Jar is quite intimate and small so don't expect anything too fancy. The basics are all there though and I'm quite happy with that. As long as you can spot the egg dishes, you're good to go. On this occasion, I came with my lovely girlfriend J for a catch up, right before we hit the cinemas ready to pour our eyes out over The Fault In Our Stars.'s what we do. Brunch followed with tears - can't go wrong.

J ordered a Watermelon & Mint Cold Pressd Juice ($8) which came with a slightly exxy price tag but was refreshing to down on that warm Saturday morning. The boring me went with the classic choice of Iced Coffee ($8), which proved to be a fabulous decision. It was the perfect concoction of coffee bean mixed with milk and ice. Not too sweet, not too bitter. Loved it!

J's Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, Asparagus & Spanish Onion with Watercress on Sourdough ($13.50) was a delightful bowl, containing all the breakfast goodies. It was interesting to see that Lid & Jar didn't try to make the whole affair too fancy - whilst presentaton was simple and straight to the point, there's no denying that everything was ultra delicious!

I ordered the Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo & Baby Spinach on Sourdough ($13.50) which came in a similar form to J's. Except mine was filled with two generous slices of glorious chorizo. Chorizo does no wrong, ever. However the hero of the dish was definitely the sourdough bread. Both J and I agreed that the bread was beautifully chewy and pillowy on the inside with the right amount of crunch on the edges. I can seriously live on sourdough for life.

The decor at Lid & Jar is very modern rustic and resembles the vibe that you often get at Surry Hills. 

Staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very chilled, which makes it ideal for casual weekend brunch catchups. Situated right outside of Rhodes Shopping Centre, parking is super easy to find and free for the first 3 hours!

I would definitely recommend checking out Lid & Jar for simple but delicious breakfast food, especially if you live within the vicinity and can't always be bothered to trek it out to Surry Hills on the weekend. However if you are looking for really unique brunch dishes and fancy presentations, perhaps make the trek after all. 

Lid & Jar
Lot 3, 7 Rider Boulevarde
Rhodes NSW 2138
(02) 9807 4177 

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