Today after UNI, dinner was settled at Fajar, a close-by Indonesian Chinese Restaurant near UNSW at Kingsford. This place would suit those who are looking for asian food thats big in serving size, cooked in efficient time and are affordable in price (meals are roughly $9-$15). 

As I am one of the biggest fans of flat rice noodles (mostly pad si euw from thai places), I chose the Kwetiau Siram at Fajar, which is basically flat rice noodles with egg, choi sum, bean sprouts with the added choice of seafood, topped with gravy.

This flat rice noodle option is quite different from your usual pad si euw order at Thai eateries as the gravy on top reduces the feeling of oiliness and heavy grease in your noodles and adds that extra layer of taste. The seafood option makes this dish $12 however I think it is quite worth the value as generous amounts of prawn, squid, fish balls and fish cake are mixed in the batch in combination with the fresh veggies! As mentioned above, the serving size is quite large and so naturally it will fill you up in no time :) However, I must say it would have been even greater if more flavour was cooked into the rice noodles. 

We also tried the Bakmi Ayam which consists of boiled egg noodles topped with chicken, mushroom, choi sum and shallots! If you are a religious Migoreng-lover, then this is definitely the type of dish you'd pick at Fajar! The noodle texture and taste resembles greatly of Migoreng but a spice of flavour is accentuated through the savoury cutlets of chicken and veggies! Oddly enough, I found the accompanying soup even more delicious! It was a simple light soup which probably did not take very long to make, yet I had loved it! Apparently, some would suggest pouring a bit of that soup into the egg noodles if you prefer your dish to be less dry!

This drink is called Teh Kotak; a popular Indonesian drink that is very sweet in taste with strong hints of Jasmine essence. For those who love Jasmine Green Tea, this is a great option to go with your meal! :D

Overall, Fajar is a convenient place to drop by if you are looking for nice, affordable Indo-Chinese food, as their menu is quite comprehensive, offering a wide span of options from rice dishes to flat rice/egg noodles. 

394 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
9662 0736 Fajar Indonesian & Asian Food on Urbanspoon

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