When it comes to Sushi Trains, Makoto is the kind of place that fails to disappoint!

Their freshness of their ingredients are guaranteed and the choices available should satisfy any sushi-train-holic. Below is just a glimpse of the sushi options: you can order the ones you don't see on the rotating strip! 

Apart from sushi, they also have dishes like takoyaki and wagyu beef as well as noodles so you really do have a lot of choices when dining here. There is also a daily special menu where there are options offered by the chefs!

When it comes to eating at Sushi Trains, my choices  are basically the same at every joint :P Fried Prawn is definitely one of the must-orders!

Fried Whiting is basically fried fish with rice! The thing about these fried dishes is that their taste and awesomeness depends on whether you receive it just after it has been cooked or if unfortunately, it has already been out for a while and thus becomes cold. When it is still fresh and hot, it is absolutely amazing as the battered textures are really crunchy!

Personally I am not a fan of raw food even though I have given Sashimi a go several times. It just doesn't sit well with my stomach I guess. Either way, I am informed by many that I am part of the sad unfortunate group of those who miss out on the wonders of Japanese Delicacies...anyways as that is the case, the closest thing to raw that i eat in Sushi Trains are the grilled dishes. 

Grilled Salmon is delicious at Makoto: they do it just right so that it's not too raw for me!

Grilled Kingfish is even better with its interesting texture!

The exquisite-looking dish below would be, Grilled Salmon and Scallop! Just looking at the dish itself is mouth-watering enough! The ingredients are really fresh which adds bonus points to the taste :)

Cooked Prawn with Mayonnaise is definitely my top recommendation at Makoto! The prawn is cooked but cold, on purpose that is, and tastes absolutely beautiful with the mayo and rice.

Next up is a common order yet one that cannot be missed by Sushi Lovers: Eel. 

There is something unique about the Teriyaki Chicken at Makoto. Maybe it's the fact that it is wrapped with sprinkles of spring onion and the fact that the chicken is well marinated. Either way, Makoto turns this common order into something special.

I guess, in comparison to some Sushi Trains, Makoto is a little more pricey however I think with the quality tastes, the freshness of the ingredients in addition to the beautifully-made rolls, it is quite worth it! Below are the prices for the sushi dishes!

Apart from the usual sushi and nigiri orders, I also love hand rolls! Here's what Makoto offers:

I absolutey LOVE crab and so almost always, I order a Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll at any Japanese Sushi Train. 

M decided to get the Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Hand Roll which was also quite nice as the beef was very tasty.

When you walk past Makoto at the City, you can see that it is usually always thriving with customers and often there is even a line during prime eating times! If you had to ask what my favourite sushi train choices are in Sydney, Makoto tops the list for now!

119 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW
(Near World Square)
9283 6767

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