Dadam is one of the newest additions of Korean-Japanese restaurants in the Strathfield area and so one night, I decided to give this place a go!

The menu had Japanese options such as sushi,  udon, teriyaki to Korean dishes such as bulgogi and bibimbap.

Side Dishes!

I decided to order the Bibimbap ($11), which turned out to be a big mistake. Not only was it not served in the cool stone pots, but apart from the egg, everything else including the rice was quite cold. Overall, it was so dry that I could barely mix it together, and the mushroom had absolutely no flavour. Naturally, I was not satisfied...

M was more lucky as he had ordered the Karaage Don ($14-$15) which came nice and hot and full of flavour! However, both our miso soups were quite awful as it did not look fresh, with all the powder of the miso sinking to the bottom...

Overall, I would not recommend eating here as the quality of the food is so-so and the price is not too cheap. There are heaps of other affordable restaurants in Strathfield that I would pick over this any day.

The Boulevarde
Strathfield 2135

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