The Meat & Wine Co

Nothing could possibly be more exciting than going to a Steakhouse and foreseeing beforehand, the joys of cutting that first slice of juicy steak...

Situated at Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour (next to IMAX Theatre), the restaurant overlooks stunning views of the waters and lights nearby. As you walk in, you stroll pass an impressive wine cellar glass facade, before being greeted by a friendly waiter who takes you to your table.

We were guided upstairs and that was when I realised how dim the lighting was inside the restaurant! Nevertheless, the ambience was great and staff were so friendly with explaining the menu options.

After a nice chat with our waiter, I decided to try out the Monte Select New Yorker 300g, Grain-fed 120 days ($34) with a choice of chips as sides and an addition of Creamy Mushroom Sauce ($3). The first thing I noticed as I cut through the steak was how incredibly easy it was. One simple smooth cut was all you needed. Indeed, the steak was beautifully tender, perfectly marbled and a great match with the extra mushroom sauce. Chips were nice and crunchy too!

M ordered the Monte Select Rib-Eye 300g, Grass Fed ($35) and turns out, it tasted even better than it looked. It was the kind of steak that did not require any extra sauce, as the steak flavour was so richly embedded within the succulent meat that each bite was pure heaven. Steak heaven anyway. The Portuguese ($3) sauce was surprisingly addictive as the sweet chilli & spiciness of the sauce proved to be great with the chips and onion rings.

After much satisfaction and joy upon demolishing our steaks, it was time for dessert! Prior to coming here, we had already decided to order The Grand Finale ($29) as it included four of the desserts on the menu and was simply the best value-worthy dessert tasting plate I've ever come across. It is a must-try, even for a party of two. Trust me, you will finish it.

The Chocolate Fondant with the Vanilla Ice Cream was a favourite as the hot lava-like melted chocolate spewed out generously upon breakage. The Chilli Chocolate Mousse was also a pleasant surprise as it created an interesting sensation with the accompanying Orange Sorbet. (Others in picture includes Creme Brulee and Mango Parfait)

Overall, I would definitely give Meat & Wine Co a thumbs up as not only do they grill their steaks to perfection, the service is impeccable and the food is truly of quality standards. Come here for a special occasion or simply when a steak craving hits as I am sure this restaurant will offer an unforgettable steak experience for any meat lover out there. 

Bookings are recommended, especially on weekends! However, do note that they charge surcharge of $5 per person on Sundays and public holidays.

If you are lucky enough to dine on Saturdays on the right days around 8:30-9pm, you will be graced by breathtaking fireworks right in front of you with no extra surcharge :P Hop onto the Harbourside website to check fireworks dates prior to bookings and ask for a good table beforehand? It was definitely a lucky night for us :)

The Meat & Wine Co
L1, 31 Wheat Road 
IMAX Theatre Complex
Cockle Bay Darling Harbour
9211 9888 
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