Menya Mappen

Menya Mappen: The Japanese Noodle Haven.

If you want fast and delicious udon or soba at an affordable price, this is the place to check out. It is constantly packed with people and has a high turn-over rate as people are constantly filling up the tables, slurping away and then in comes the next bunch.

What I love about Menya Mappen is its highly efficient and methodical ordering system! Basically, you first pass through this billboard in the line and that is when  you decide on the type of noodle you will order (Udon or Soba) and the respective soups and sauces...etc.

You then see a refrigerator that houses many soft drinks and Japanese drinks ranging from Calpis to Carrot Juice. Just grab whatever you like and continue along the line :)

You then approach the counter where you give the lady your orders! Your noodle will be presented before you within a minute! There's a cute little poster that sits on the window guiding you how to order.

Once you have placed your noodles on the tray, you then move along the line to add any side tempuras that may captivate your appetite! The tempura choices vary from sweet potato, fish cake, to prawn and sausage...etc.

Once you stroll past the frying section, you can then choose any additional sauces & sides such as shallots and ginger.

And finally, you are at the counter, with all your choices on display from your tray. The friendly staff behind the register quickly calculates everything and then voila, you're all set to enjoy your noodles! 

I ordered the Beef Udon, with sides of Tempura Fish Cake & Prawn. You can choose a medium or large size, with the former option being great for lunch and the latter, which was what I had, perfect for dinner.

M had ordered the Beef Soba, with the same tempura choices and he seemed happy with his bowl of noodles! Overall, our bill came to an approximate $25 and considering how full and satisfied we were after, quite a bargain!

Overall, heres a few things to note about Menya Mappen:

Menya Mappen
George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9283 5525
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