Umi Kaiten-Zushi

I know I had previously mentioned my immense love for Makoto Sushi in Sydney however, Umi Kaiten-Zushi also sits equally as one of my deepest loves as this place transforms your Sushi Train experience on a different level of excitement!

At Umi, presentation of the sushi is equally important to its taste and you are granted front row seats to an open show by the friendly sushi chefs who prepare their delicate masterpieces of rice and salmon right in front of you!

In addition to that, the place is centred by an impressively gigantic fish tank filled with all sorts of colourful creatures swimming around, as everyone around sits joyfully eating their friends and family...such a cruel place Umi can be...:P 

The sushi at Umi matches the freshness of Makoto, however, the price is a little expensive in comparison to typical Sushi Trains. Nevertheless, personally I believe, the hand rolls here at Umi are probably the best I've had in Sydney so far.

Every now and then, I am compelled to fulfil my stomach's intense desire and need for Umi's Tempura Scallop Hand Roll ($5.50) The scallops are ridiculously large in size and fried to tempura perfection, with each bite ensuring a freshly crisp seaweed exterior wrap. Simply. AMAZING.

On equal levels of awesomeness lies the Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll ($5.50). On so many occasions have I ventured to find a sushi train that trumps Umi's soft shell crab and each time I have failed miserably. Crunchy and full of flavour, this is a must-have also! 

(As you see, they're so good that both M & I ordered one of each for both of us)

Now that I have covered the two most important hand rolls, time for some reviews on the sushi! The prices are outlined as below~

The Eel ($4.50) was beautiful as it was more fresh than usual and was marinated with a glossy glaze of yumminess.

This beautiful ensemble contained fresh Salmon and Prawn ($5.50), topped with sprinkles of caviar and mayo. Sushi just got fancy...

This Crumbed Fish ($4.50) would've been better had it been hot when served.

Most of the sushis at Umi look like this one below, stuffings of Lobster and avocado, encased with intricate and beautiful layers of raw sashimi. 

There was also a May Specials Menu and so we decided to try out the Alaskan Crab Meat Soup ($7.80) which was a pleasant surprise as it resembled that of shark fin soup, except with more miso-flavoured scents. Quite a nice soup for wintery nights!

Overall, if you like sushi that looks beautifully artistic and hand rolls that are heavenly delicious, this is the place to try out. There is a general vibe that there are more raw sushi dishes than conventional sushi trains, which will suit many sashimi lovers.

Umi Kaiten-Zushi
477 Pitt Street
Shop 1 Haymarket
NSW 2000
9281 2006

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