Haru is a subtly-located Korean restaurant in the heart of the CBD, closely situated nearby the new "Korea Town" vicinity on Castlereagh Street. Whenever my stomach is grumbling with desire for Korean-styled fried chicken, Haru comes to mind with its irresistibly tasty soy flavoured chicken. 

My friends and I often reunite at Haru when we are up for a good night of Soju, laughter and  delicious fried chicken. Regardless of how many times we've been here, our order choices never seems to change. 

To start off, Haru's Egg Soup (around $10) is a must-order and it continues to boil in steam upon arrival. I love the warm fluffy texture that comes with egg soups and so my friends and I are often scooping for every last bit in this stone pot.

The Seafood Pancake ($12) looks stunning and does have a good crispy bite to it however, could do with more flavour. More or less, it's rather a good dish to build up your stomach stamina for the soju shots to come ahead. And that is perhaps why this dish always turns up on the table...:P

I can't remember the full name of this order but it must be around the likes of Sausage/Spam and Tofu Hot Pot (around $40). It was a bit too chilly for me and we barely finished half the pot due to our full stomaches from all the other food. 

Now, to the hero of the night: Soy Flavoured Fried Chicken (around $30). Absolutely the best chicken I've ever had. Its outer skin is unbelievably crunchy and the slightly sweet soy flavours sink right into the chicken and each bite is a slice of heaven in your mouth.
Yes, when a dish is that good, I tend to be dramatic. 

Overall, Haru is a great place for Korean food and alot of tables are segregated in booth-like spaces which is awesome for small groups of friend gatherings. 

In all seriousness though, come here for the chicken. 

262 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW
9262 7400

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