Little Snail

Woo first French restaurant post! Little Snail has been on our to-go list for a while now and finally one day we made it there. We don't go out for lunch much as both M and I like to sleep in but we made an exception for the snails!

Located at Darling Harbour, this restaurant is super easy to get to by Light Rail - just get off at the Pyrmont stop or drive and park at The Star :)

3 course lunch for $36 per person sound too good to be true? That's what I initially thought but hey it actually happens here at Little Snail. 3 course dinner is just as good, at $59 per person. There is quite a range of options to choose from in each section so rest assured that you'll find something to suit your appetite.

For my entree I decided to go with King Prawns. God these were so amazingly delicious! Fresh fried prawns topped with creamy mayo and squirts of sweet chilli makes me very happy indeed. A scrumptious entree to start!

I'm not as brave and daring as M, who ordered the classic french dish: Escargot de Bourgogne. A plate full of a dozen snails marinated in herb-infused court-bouillon and oven baked in garlic butter - plus two slices of bread. According to M, the snails were really flavoursome and tender, with the sauce being the key highlight.

M was also very fascinated with the special utencils for plucking out the snails from the shells. I think he had alot of fun with the process of eating this dish! Honestly at one point I considered giving it a go but in the end I just couldn't get past the psychological mindset of eating snails...well apparently "I missed out" :P 

M's Chicken Cordon Bleu was a bit of a let-down for me as I felt that the tomato and basil coulis was a bit overpowering. 

The skin-free breast fillet was relatively tender and filled with ham and swiss cheese - with the creamy insides oozing out as you cut into it. I think M enjoyed it but I wasn't a big fan.

My Veal Tenderloin was also super super creamy! With piquant cream sauce of smoked bacon, shallot, and sun ripened tomatos...this dish was heavy as! It was also served with seasonal greens and a potato croquette - which I happily demolised. Although very tender, not entirely sure if I love veal...I guess it was just a change from my usual steak orders. 

Then it was dessert time! Dessert is always the highlight for me during set course meals. M chose Handmade Profiteroles which were stuffed with creme patisserie and mint chocolate sauce. It wasn't extraordinary but the beautiful presentation made our day regardless. 

My Chef Churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream was a dessert that sought to test my sweetness tolerance. I loved the textural contrast between the crunchy shortbread at the bottom with the soft ice cream on top. It was rich, exquisite, and utterly sweet! The Grand Mamier caramel definitely made the whole dish sparkle and glow.

Now that's an Instagram-worthy shot! :D

The restaurant had this circular staircase in the middle of the space which twirled up to the top level - which I'm also assuming had a much better view than what we had at the lower level. Food came out fast and service was quite lovely - though we did have to wait an extra 30 minutes in the beginning despite having made a booking...oh wells! The atmosphere was quite laidback, which was well-suited for a lunch setting.

Never had snails before? Keen to try? Little Snail makes for a great start on French cuisine that's not too formal :)

Little Snail
Restaurant & Bar
50 Murray Street
Pyrmont NSW Sydney
9212 7512

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