Highlights of 2012 - Instagram Cut!

Wow what a whirlwind of a year...2012 was definitely a significant, eventful and busy one. Not only did I turn 20 but it was also the year that I started my food blog - precisely on the 3rd of March 2012. I then became acquainted with Instagram somewhere along the way and ever since, it has acted as a sort of food/life timeline for me.

I have been so lucky this year to have eaten so much delicious food - both savoury and sweet! So what were some highlights?

It was the year I attempted cooking...oh god...:P
I do see a good future potential though...

Fettucine Carbonara, Garlic Bread & Spinach
The first time I baked Cupcakes for M on his 20th Bday
Hokkien Noodles
Chicken Parmigiana

It was the year where I had a good share of yummy cakes! 
Love love cream cake!

Fruit Cream Cake from Hello Happy for Grandma's Bday 
A friend's Bday Cake which was amazingly delish...
Hello Happy Cakes from Strathfield was my go-to place for any occasion 
The cute Piggy cake I brought to the Syd Food Bloggers Picnic (Hello Happy again) 
Thank you M for my surprise Bday Cake at midnight! :D

It was the year that I tried to be healthy? :P
Honestly it is almost impossible to diet when you're a food blogger. In all seriousness though, Mero Mero from Westfield Pitt St Mall and The Galeries Food Court does the best salads hands down. When I need to tone down on my crazy eating, I turn to this place.

I went through a phase of eating healthy...a short phase nonetheless 
Produce at Mero Mero super fresh and tasty - you can make your own salad or try their fab combos!
Did I really think all that dressing was healthy? :P

It was the year of happy holidaying/eating during my annual trip back to Shanghai - and a quick visit to HK again as well :D

High Tea @ The Peninsula Hotel (HK) - nothing but a fancy affair

My favourite Asian/Mango desserts - Sago obsession!

Awesome buffet at the Shangri-La hotel
Sourdough and Prosciutto from Shangri-La Buffet 
Favourite Jap Yakiniku place at Shanghai - premium Wagyu cuts 
Fresh live seafood from the streets of Hong Kong at night
Champagne Milk Tea!
My beloved crab <3
Private Teppanyaki room at HK Causeway Bay
Midnight snack? Crab congee of course!
Delish Italian food from the famous Cova at HK
HK really knows how to do their Italian...Lobster Spaghetti <3

It was the year of special occasions and splurging...

M's 20th Bday at The Summit
My memorable 20th Bday at Quay thanks to M :)
1year6months anniversary at Rockpool Bar & Grill
First Melbourne Cup work celebration at Paper Planes Bondi  - delish sushi & sashimi platter
Amazing Xmas work lunch at China Doll - best Asian Desserts platter
Got invited to my first Syd Food Blogger Picnic!
Xmas Eve lunch at Catalina - beautiful food!
Xmas feast at A's house on the 25th December 2012 :)

It was the year where too many yummy food shots were snapped...and so many that were eaten without photographic record.

Grilled Prawn Skewers @ CRAVE night markets 
Seafood feast @ Golden Century (Chinatown)

Dessert delight @ Mr Wong (CBD)

Sushi Galore @ Sushi Hotaru (The Galeries)
High Tea @ The Tea Room QVB
Peking Duck @ Dan's House 
Chicken Katsu Mini Burger @ Ms.G's 
Antipasto Platter @ The Village
Best Pork Chop Rice @ Saigon Bowl (Strathfield)
Best Fried Chicken @ Haru (Sydney CBD)

Individualised Hot Pots @ CQL Mini Pot (Burwood)
Yummy Popcorn Prawn Tempura @ Fuku (World Square)
Who doesn't love Pho @ Flemington?
Favourite John Dory dish @ Cafe Bello (Burwood)
Beautiful plating @ Cafe Bello (Burwood)

Our go-to place for Charcoal Chicken - El Jannah @ Granville
A good old plate of Spaghetti Bolognaise is my happy place :)

Fried bonanza @ The Abercrombie (Chippendale) 
Best Pork Belly Cubes @ China Doll

It was the year that I developed a sweeter tooth and an ever-increasing high tolerance for chocolatey desserts. Think late night runs to satisfy sugar cravings, being constantly on the watch for new dessert eateries, and the need to order something sweet after almost every meal...

Pancakes & Fondue @ The Chocolate Room (Town Hall) 
Deadly Mud Slice @ Georges Cafe (Burwood)
All time classic @ Pancakes at The Rocks (North Strathfield) 
Froyo obsession in 2012 @ Strathfield  
Ice Cream Sandwich @ Chophouse (Wynyard)
Choc Fondue @ Oliver Brown (Rhodes)
Lining up for 1.5hrs for opening of Laduree - macaron luxury
Mars Bar Cheesecake @ Cafe Bello (Burwood)
Dessert at The Star buffet
Dessert time @ Little Snail (Pyrmont)
Coffee/Cake time @ Hello Happy (Strathfield)
Tiramisu @ Chocolates Del Mondo (Burwood)
Green Tea Lamington @ Ippudo (Pitt St Westfield) 
Herbal Jelly, Taro Balls & Pearls @ ZenQ (George St CBD)
Nitrogen Ice Cream hype @ N2 Gelato (Chinatown)

It was also the year I developed a serious addiction to Waffles...

Waffles @ Noggi (Strathfield)
Waffles @ Oliver Brown (Rhodes)
Waffles @ Melt Bar (Burwood)
Waffles @ Passionflower (Chinatown)
Waffles @ Noggi again (Strathfield)

TOP 5 FAVOURITES FOR 2012 (The Fancy Cut)

TOP 5 FAVOURITES FOR 2012 (The Daily-Eats Cut)


    Honestly this doesn't even begin to cover fully all the joys I've experienced this year when it comes to food and all my eating adventures. I want to say a special thanks to M for his continuous support and encouragement throughout my blogging journey so far - he was the one who really motivated me to start writing and also the one who I share my eating adventures with mostly. Also big thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I am so grateful for your support. Follow me on Instagram for more yummy snapshots at xxjenliu :D 

    Here's to an even happier and yummier 2013! 
    Happy New Year everyone :)

    Jen x