Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic 2012

Do you ever feel that pang of guilt when you know you should've done something earlier but due to so many excuses, it just gets delayed and delayed and delayed...

Yep, guilty as charged! I am probably one of the few bloggers to do a post about the Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic 2012, almost 3 weeks after the actual event - which occured on a sunny Saturday the 24th November. I remember looking at all the other bloggers posting diligently the day after or within the week thinking, "Yeah I'll do it soon...".

17 days later...I would like to introduce you to my plus 1 for the picnic - Miss Piggy!

Now unfortunately as I took most of these food photos before all the bloggers put their tags next to their food...I'm not 100% sure who made what...though I did manage to gather some information from other blogs.

How unbelievably cute is this Deco-Fruit Roll Cake with Strawberry Santas? The perfect theme cake for our picnic with a touch of Christmas festivity! Thanks to Ayana :)

I believe the Vegan Cookie Dough Dip was made by Cooking Crusade

Scrumptious looking Risoles and Kroket from Irene Is Getting Fat

Someone obviously knows their macarons, if you know what I mean ;) Baroque Macarons are worth swooning over.

OMG these Mini Sandwiches were to die for! I think I ate like 4 of these...the perfect bite size savoury treat :) Unfortunately I don't know who made these but whoever you are, you're amazing! 

Yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes and adorable Oreo Turkeys!

Those Rice Paper Rolls disappeared within a flash - legit. I did not stand a chance, being on the other side...

The picnic was quite literally a dessert feast - full of cupcakes, brownies, cakes, tarts, chocolate...seriously you name it, it was there.

Awesme Homemade Cheese Plate!

The Noodles on the right were super delish! And look how stunning that Raspberry Cake looks...yum!

More sweets....

Now, these Brownies get a special mention. I can still remember how godly awesome they tasted. Again, I have no clue who made this....but that person should be crowned Brownie King/Queen. Bite size, with the perfect crunch and a deliriously moist chocolate centre...this brownie has officially made it to my top 10 foods to eat before I die. PLEASE GIVE ME THE RECIPE WHOEVER YOU ARE! Or just send me a batch...

More food food food!

My piggy sunbathing :P It was actually a Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake bought from Hello Happy at Strathfield - they are so good with making cute adorable cakes. I felt quite guilty for not cooking something but I am honestly not so adequate in the please forgive me.

Considerate Take-home Christmas Shortbread by Belly Rumbles. I thoroughly enjoyed demolishing them on the car ride back...does that still count as take-home? :P

Amazing Rhubarb Meringue Tarts by Muppy and cute Gingerbread Men by Polkadots and Chopsticks

These gorgeous-looking Hazelnut Praline and Pisatio Macaroons disappeared within seconds...I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. One minute I was watching Ramen Raff plating his beautiful masterpiece, the next minute, it was GONE. Just two empty wooden boards staring back at me. To anyone who managed to grab one of these beauties...LUCKY YOU! 

Amongst all the gluten and sugary treats...there lied a bright bowl of colourful star-fruits! I am a big sucker for pretty Fruit Salads, so I couldn't resist smiling at these.

The wonderful Simon from Simon Food Favourites opened a pop-up bar and was a huge success! Everyone was lining up for one of his delish cocktails :)

They were the absolute picnic essential, especially considering it was quite a warm day :) Thanks so much Simon!

After all the mingling and eating and eating and eating...we finally gathered for Kris KringleTurns out it was a spin on the traditional KK - it was the evil secret santa game

Upon opening your present, anyone after you is entitled to "steal" said present and you are thereby forced to choose another present or "steal" from someone also. It was a fun game of strategy and surprise. There were a few favourite items that passed along from blogger to blogger...definitely a memorable KK for me to date :P

Overall, I had a great time at the Picnic! Thanks so much to Chocolatesuze and Grab Your Fork for organising this event and inviting me to come along. As I am quite new to the blogger scene, having only started blogging this year in March, it was a great opportunity for me to meet some fellow foodies and eat some yummy food :) Looking forward to the next picnic!

P.S. Please let me know if I've linked the food images to the wrong blogger. There were also a few that I wasn't sure if your food is here with no name tag, please let me know and I'll link your blog asap! :D

Jen x