Merivale Launches Bert's Pies

'The Ultimate Beef Pie and Sausage Roll created by Est. Head Chef Alex Woolley' - that one sentence alone convinced me to be excited about Merivale's latest venture - Bert's Pies.

And man it was one hell of a pie. 

So you want to know where this ultimate beef pie is made? Well if you must know, it is "perfected in est.'s 3-hatted kitchen, tried and tested by Merivale chefs, tweaked until just right and baked to perfection". They sure do have a way of stringing the words together, making you salivate just from reading the text. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive tasting dinner at Palings Kitchen & Bar for the new launch of Bert's Pies.

Loved the story behind Bert's Pies!

Annnnnd upon much anticipation...the Bert's Pie arrives! It sits atop some gooey potato mash, celeriac and sauteed winter greens.

As I break into the pie, the first thing I notice is the flakiness of the pastry. It was soo good because each bite melted in my mouth with easy, whilst oozing with flavour. You could tell it was made fresh. Every mouthful here and there, I was greeted by some meaty chunks of beef - the premium sort that tastes like brisket.

What I loved most about the pie was its generous amount of tomato flavouring. It felt like I was eating a mini lasagne inside my pie (minus the pasta sheets)  - alot of bolognaise-like flavour essentially.

Overall, it was a solid pie - best one I've had so far. Though I must admit I haven't tried alot of pies because usually I'm not a fan. Bert's Pies have changed my mindset to be more open though - because it was freaking delicious!

I am known to have a large stomach and an equally large appetite to match. However to be honest, after demolishing that pie, I was genuinly reaching FULL. The pie was super hearty and filling - total comfort food material.

However I was still intrigued to try out Bert's Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll. Personally I'm not a fan of fennel so initially I was slightly concerned but when you eat it, it doesn't come out strong at all. Again, the pastry was nice and flakey with a tasty filling inside. It wasn't a WOW sausage roll but it was quite delicious nonetheless.

We were also offered some of Paling's Signature Slides and Salads to go along with our meals. I am sorry but I can't remember the specific names...

The night ended on a sweet and happy note with Lorraine's Coconut Macarons - the only macaron I've had that didn't come in its conventional circle shape. As you bite into it, the texture resembles that of a macaron and is filled with coconutty scents and flavours. With a crunchy exterior shell and a chewy sweet filling, this was the perfect ending to a scrumptious meal.

I love the chilled atmosphere of Palings - it is seriously one of the best locations for after-work drinks and a quick bite to eat. I can see why they held the tasting dinner for Bert's Pies here.

If you'd like to try out Bert's Pies, head to one of the following locations (the prices are varied):

  • Lorraine’s Patisserie – Take away - $7.90 for a pie
  • Establishment - Bert’s beef pie, mash, peas & gravy  $18
  • Palings - Bert’s beef pie with celeriac and potato mash, sautéed winter greens $15
  • Royal George - Bert’s beef pie with mash, peas and red wine gray $15
  • Grand Hotel - Bert’s beef pie served with a choice of chips, mash or salad $14
  • The Wynyard - Bert's beef pie with mashed potato, peas & gravy $12.50
  • 30 Knots - Bert’s beef pie served with a choice of chips, mash or salad  $14
  • York 75 - Bert's beef pie, mash, peas & gravy $19.00